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California transit center closed due to crack

Construction litigation arises for many reasons and these lawsuits can be especially difficult for construction companies that have recently completed a lengthy, costly project. In Los Angeles and all over the state of California, it is pivotal for construction company owners to handle these cases appropriately and be aware of just how much may be at stake. Setting aside the financial impact of disputes and legal action, a construction company's reputation may be on the line.

San Francisco high rise exposes construction complexities

Residents in California who purchase homes should be able to trust that the building work was all completed appropriately and that they should not need to be concerned about problems with their structures. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. From single family homes to larger, multi-tenant buildings, faulty construction can cause serious issues that may take time to unravel and resolve. 

Assessment and mitigation of earthquake damage risk

Earthquakes are a fact of life in California, and the challenges for construction companies and property owners are not only to build new structures that will be able to withstand the force of an earthquake but to rehabilitate older buildings so that they are safe. 

How can I find a reliable contractor?

When having any work performed at your California home, you want to ensure that a contractor is prepared for the job. Failure to do so could result in an unsatisfying completed project or even lead to a legal dispute if you feel that a contractor failed to live up to his or her end of the bargain. Fortunately, you can raise the odds of finding a suitable contractor with these tips from U.S. News & World Report.

Litigation over construction delays

We have discussed some of the motivations behind construction lawsuits, such as those which involve workers. However, many other factors can lead to litigation and construction delays are a common reason why contractors and those who own large construction companies find themselves in the courtroom. We understand that you may be under a great deal of pressure every day and that the very nature of the construction industry can be incredibly demanding. However, it is pivotal to handle litigation properly and understand how this could impact your business moving forward.

Construction lawsuits involving workers

There are many reasons why construction lawsuits arise, but some can be particularly challenging, such as those which involve workers. If you run a construction company and are struggling with litigation involving a single worker or a group of workers, it is crucial to handle the case properly. Unfortunately, lawsuits involving workers can lead to additional difficulties, such as delays and returnign to the hiring process. Our law office knows that construction company owners across the state of California face many challenges on a regular basis and some feel overwhelmed due to their responsibilities, but these suits must be approached appropriately.

Construction accidents and litigation

Our blog has gone into detail on some of the reasons why litigation arises in the construction industry, from a contract dispute to defects. Unfortunately, there are many other reasons why the owner of a construction company may find themselves in the courtroom, such as a worker injury. Construction workers become injured on the job in all sorts of ways and even lose their lives, in some instances. From physical pain to lost wages and emotional trauma over a loved one's death, various consequences often follow these accidents and some people blame construction companies for the hardships they have endured.

What are some hazards associated with forklifts?

In the workplace, employees may face a wide variety of hazards. Some types of accidents, such as falling from a high place while working on a construction site, may be widely recognized as a danger that workers and construction company owners should be aware of, since injuries may lead to litigation. However, there are other hazards that may pose a serious threat to the well-being of workers, such as mishaps involving a forklift. Sadly, forklift accidents have left many workers with severe injuries and have even claimed lives.

Handling a commercial construction suit

If you own a construction company, there may be a variety of challenges you have to work through on a regular basis. Whether you face disputes with investors or are facing challenges related to your crew, owning a construction company can be tough, especially when it comes to commercial construction. However, it can be particularly stressful to find yourself in court, at which point it is pivotal to identify which steps need to be taken to protect your company. In Los Angeles, and all of California's cities, you should try to do what you can to simplify the ordeal and save critical time and money.

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