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Having evidence can help you in a construction dispute

Working with fellow construction professionals in California can be exciting and present unique opportunities to collaborate on projects that will bring all participants success. To guarantee that your experiences working with other professionals are both beneficial and effective, a contract is critical to have. At Castro & Associates, we value the chance to help professionals like you to protect their most important assets. 

What is the cause of disputes in the construction industry?

The construction industry in California is an integral part of the economy and incorporates the involvement of several entities that work together to complete complex projects and buildings. Without contracts in place to fortify agreements and clarify details of your involvement with other construction professionals, you are at a much higher risk of experiencing debilitating disagreements. 

Do not skip the home inspection

Home buyers in California may think that a home inspection is optional when buying a house. While this is true, the experts strongly warn against skipping this step. While potential homeowners may think it is not worth spending the money, it can save lots of money and headaches later on if they discover a defect or problem after finalization of the sale.

Design mistakes can be costly

Construction projects in California can entail intricate designs on a huge scale. They may encompass several acres of land and employ hundreds of people. Large jobs can take years to complete and use significant capital. Disputes can impact the total cost and whether you, as the owner, complete the undertaking. At Castro & Associates, we specialize in contract disputes involving complex residential and commercial construction.

Construction disputes involving wages

Whether you are a small contractor or run a large construction firm, there are countless reasons why a dispute may surface. However, some disputes, such as those which involve those who work for your company, can be especially difficult to deal with. Construction disputes which involve employees or sub-contractors may arise over any number of issues, but many involve wages. A worker may claim that they were not paid for overtime, that they were not compensated in accordance with their contract or that they were not paid at all. It is crucial to handle these claims appropriately, since they may lead to further action (such as litigation) if they are not resolved.

How can I choose a good home improvement contractor?

Whether you're renovating a room or building an addition onto your home, finding a reliable home improvement contractor is crucial. Not only will it ensure you're satisfied with the finished product, it will also prevent costly construction disputes from occurring. offers the following advice for people in search of reliable contractors to perform work on their Los Angeles homes. 

Understanding "termination for convenience"

The contracts that you hold with various partners in Los Angeles not only guarantee you work but also stability for your company. It is easy to understand, then, why you would be upset were a contracted partner to simply walk away from your agreement. Typically, one would have to cite cause in order for ending its contractual agreement with you. Some organizations and companies, however, may say that they are allowed to terminate their contract for their convenience. Many have come to us here at Castro & Associates questioning if this is even allowed, and if so, what are they entitled to collect if a partner ends their agreement in such a way. 

Construction disputes over site conditions

We have gone over some of the causes of construction disputes (such as problems related to a contract), and as a construction company owner, you may have encountered some of them firsthand. In this blog post, we will take a look at disagreements that arise over site conditions, a potentially serious problem that can lead to significant challenges which may even derail a construction project altogether. As the owner of a construction company, you should approach these situations with extreme caution, not only to protect your financial interests but to protect the reputation of your business as well.

Construction disputes over abandonment

Construction disputes frequently arise over allegations of poor workmanship and contract issues. However, there are a number of other situations in which someone may decide to move forward with legal action against a construction company. For example, someone may accuse a contractor of abandoning a construction project. A property owner may believe that a project was not completed and that a contractor or construction company left before the job was done, prompting them to file a lawsuit. As with other types of construction disputes, it may be possible to handle these disagreements outside of court in some instances (but legal action is unavoidable in other cases).

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