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Understanding COBRA coverage

For most in Los Angeles, access to health insurance comes through their an association with a private company (either through direct employment or being the covered beneficiary of an employee). Indeed, according to information shared bythe U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2018 nearly 68 percent of Americans were covered by a private health insurance plan. What happens, then, when such an association ends? Do an employee (as well as their beneficiaries) immediately cease to be eligible for coverage under the group health plan that the company sponsors? 

Do you need builders risk insurance?

If you are building a home in California, part of the process may involve figuring out how to stay within your budget. You may try to decide whether builders risk insurance is a necessary expense. In many cases, it depends on the circumstances and specifics of your building project. While a builders risk insurance policy may be extremely important when you are building a home from the ground up, you may not need this type of coverage for a small home renovation project, such as remodeling your kitchen.

Dealing with stress due to an insurance dispute

Legal issues involving insurance coverage can be confusing, and they can also be very stressful when a claim is denied or a business owner faces challenges due to claims that they were not covered. These disputes can not only lead to litigation, but the outcome of a dispute could have a significant impact on an individual's finances as well as a business' future. For many people in this position, life can become unbearably stressful. Worse yet, this stress can get in the way of handling a dispute properly and lead to other challenges.

Deciding if an insurance claim is necessary

Many things can go wrong during a construction project, and our law firm has covered many of these issues on this blog. For example, a dispute may arise among workers or disagreement may involve a client. Moreover, many different insurance issues can surface and some contractors and construction company owners may have difficulty determining whether or not they should move forward with an insurance claim. It is pivotal to carefully review the details of what took place and ensure that you have taken every measure to protect your business and gain access to any benefits that you are entitled to.

Did your insurance company offer you an unfair settlement?

Your insurance policy is a contract, and just as with any other legally binding contract in California, both parties must adhere to the terms. However, when it comes to insurance settlements, there may seem to be a lot of gray areas in regard to how much the company must pay in order to treat you fairly. According to the California Department of Insurance, there are state standards to ensure that you receive a fair settlement

When your insurance claim is denied

When it comes to insurance claims, there are many examples of damages that can prompt people to turn to their insurance company. For example, a construction company may be hit hard by a natural disaster or unexpected challenges that have arisen which involve workers. Construction company owners count on their insurance company to back them up when certain things go wrong. Unfortunately, some construction company owners (and those who own other types of businesses) are let down when their insurance company denies the claim. This happens frequently in Los Angeles and all over California and we know how devastating a denied claim can be.

Preventing an insurance dispute

We have gone over different topics related to insurance coverage disputes, such as the potential consequences of a disagreement to the emotional toll these disputes can have on business owners. In this post, we will look into the importance of preventing such a dispute, at least as much as one can. Whether you run a large company or are in charge of a smaller, family-owned operation, it is vital to make sure that these types of challenges are avoided and, in the event that they do arise, addressed properly.

Managing your emotions during an insurance dispute

When disputes over insurance coverage arise, business owners may feel overwhelmed for all sorts of reasons, which is certainly understandable. After all, the end result of a dispute can have a significant impact on the future of a business, as we have discussed on this blog in a previous post. Whether you run a major corporation or a family business, it is pivotal to approach a dispute appropriately. Our law office recognizes that these disputes can have a significant impact on business owners from an emotional perspective as well, and it is crucial to manage your emotions properly in the wake of a dispute.

The consequences of a dispute over insurance

A couple of months ago, we published a post which covered some important pointers to keep in mind with respect to insurance coverage disputes. In this post, we will examine some of the consequences that may come with a dispute, especially with regard to cases where the outcome is unfavorable. Day-to-day business can be tough and some business owners do not feel like they have the time to deal with a dispute properly, but the ramifications associated with an unsuccessful outcome can be incredibly damaging.

Handling an insurance coverage dispute

If you are a general contractor or run a large construction company, you might come across a myriad of challenges, some of which this blog has addressed. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are other ways your business could be negatively affected. For example, you might run into a dispute over insurance coverage, which can be especially stressful and have a major impact on you financially and mentally. When a dispute with an insurance company arises, it is essential to take the right steps and do what you can to protect your business.

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