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Assessing the risks and disadvantages of construction disputes

There are always those mysterious construction projects in California that appear to be moving along consistently and then one day it seems as though all progress has been stopped. Overtime materials sit untouched and the environment begins to wreak its havoc on the partially-completed project turning into an eyesore. Often, these types of failed projects happen because of ineffective planning, inadequate financing or poor implementation of critical contractual agreements. 

Construction company sues schools district over unpaid work

There are many complexities that can go into managing a large construction project in Los Angeles, yet most might assume that the payment of the parties involved would not be one of them. Indeed, such a process might seem fairly simple: a contractor completes the work it has promised to do as per the terms of the agreement, and the beneficiary of the work pays for them. Yet in many cases, matters may not be that simple. One side of a contract may feel that it is justified in withholding payment, while the other might argue that it has strictly adhered to its terms of the arrangement. 

Make sure your contractor is bonded, licensed and insured

Construction issues in California are common, and to prevent disruptions or financial loss, it is important that construction companies and contractors have the proper protections against liability. When a company says it is bonded, licensed and insured, this shows they have gone through the regulatory hoops. This also makes them more credible, especially for larger projects. 

What should I look out for when hiring a contractor?

When having work performed on your Los Angeles home, you must choose a contractor wisely. Making the wrong choice can cost you money as well as time. It can also lead to an extended legal dispute if contractual obligations are not met. Fortunately, being choosey about a contractor can prevent these occurrences from happening. Reader's Digest recommends looking out for the following red flags when selecting a contractor. 

The long-term impact of a construction lawsuit

Construction litigation surfaces for countless reasons, and many have been covered on this blog. Each case is different and the impact of a lawsuit will vary from one to another. However, there are a number of ways in which your construction company may be impacted from a long-term standpoint and it is important to prepare for these potential challenges. Moreover, by doing everything you can to handle the case correctly and improve your odds of a better outcome in court, you may be able to avoid some of these consequences or lessen their blow.

Litigation after recently starting a construction company

We have approached construction litigation from a number of angles, but in this post, we will look into some of the challenges that people who have recently launched a construction company may face. If you recently started a construction business, you may be overwhelmed by a lawsuit for different reasons. For example, you may be dismayed that challenges have arisen early on and you may be unsure of how to handle the lawsuit. Moreover, you may be especially stressed out because you have already had to deal with various hurdles as the owner of a new construction company.

What causes landslides?

While some people may regard the ground beneath their feet as solid and unmovable, as a Californian, you probably know that that is not always the case, as earthquakes and landslides can cause the ground to shift out from under your feet. Though you may have witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of a landslide, you may not know what causes them.

Construction lawsuits and stress management

We realize that construction litigation can be an incredibly difficult topic for many construction company owners and contractors to work through. Between legal fees, time lost and potentially significant financial penalties, these lawsuits are often hard to work through. To make things worse, other challenges may arise due to construction litigation, such as high levels of stress. As a result, it is pivotal to make sure that you manage your stress properly during this time, especially since high anxiety levels can complicate things even more and interfere with your ability to present your side in court.

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