Landmark Work In Steel Frame Construction Defects

Steel Frame Damage: In earthquakes, "ductility" (flexibility) is the property that enables steel to distort without fracturing. During the Northridge Earthquake, thousands of welded steel moment frame connections fractured. Once such fractures form, the beam-column connections experienced a significant loss of capacity. The connections fractured when their strength was needed most.

The massive problems that can result from a steel frame construction defect can go beyond financial devastation. It can jeopardize the safety of those who live or work in a building with design defects. An example of this is one of the early cases investigated by our founding attorney, Joel Castro.

  • The Northridge earthquake led to 16 deaths and 230 injuries in an apartment complex that collapsed. The poor performance of the steel buildings and the firm's work in steel frame litigation led to increased awareness of steel frame construction defects and seismic safety in California and throughout the country.
  • Joel Castro authored a landmark article on steel buildings with moment-resisting frames in the Construction Litigation Reporter, a national law publication.
  • Joel Castro conducted the first failure analysis and invasive inspection of a failed steel frame building.

The firm's lawyers also have represented large companies and organizations in steel frame litigation cases involving the review of steel frame design, steel frame manufacturing, steel fabrication and welding procedures. Joel Castro has written and lectured extensively on the subjects related to construction litigation.

His landmark 1997 article on Cosmetically Repaired Welded Steel Moment Frames reported in the California Construction Law Reporter sounded the alarm about a highly dangerous practice that at that time was epidemic in southern California.

His 2008 article on Known Dangerous Conditions in Defective Construction Per Se, is recognized as perhaps the most comprehensive discussion of virtually every significant issue that could arise in a dangerous building case.

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