Results From Residential Developments

"Individual Representation of 'Each' Individual Homeowner"

Bel Air Crest
The Bel Air Crest case involved over 50 defendants and individual homes. The Bel Air Crest project is located in the Bel Air portion of the Santa Monica Mountains.

After construction, the owners' homes sustained mold from water intrusion and damage. The case was brought as 50 separate consolidated lawsuits. Goldrich & Kest and Prestige (developer and general contractor) cross-complained all subcontractors and deigns professionals.

The homeowners fast-tracked the case by immediately retaining its slate of experts and performing invasive inspections on all homes. The results were provided to the developer and its experts under Case Management protection. Experts on both sides evaluated the early findings and postured the case for early mediation.

Plaintiff homeowners settled with the developer and general contractor first, depriving the unsettled defendants of the developer's experts. Las Brisas
The Castro firm filed individual lawsuits for 50 Las Brisas homeowners in Santa Monica, California, and fast-tracked the litigation by mobilizing and undertaking immediate invasive inspection of the homes. The firm scheduled all its experts and firm attorneys for 22 consecutive days at the site, performing destructive testing, photo documentation, and evidence collection. Multiple additional site inspections and invasive testing occurred as parties remaining in the litigation prepared for trial.

ASTM water testing was performed on windows and doors of the individual homes. Slab inspection and testing revealed the existence of excessive cracking and Fibermesh reinforcement.Within 90 days, the firm had identified the multiple sources of water intrusion, the recommended scope of repair, and the estimated repair costs. Individual personal injury claims were filed for owners suffering from mold and fungus symptomatology.

Confidential multi-million dollar settlements have been achieved in less than two years through mediation, with the remainder of the case to be settled or tried. Bosworth v. McCoy
The Castro firm was substituted in to try the case when the litigation was stalled by defendants' refusal to pay arbitrator fees. The firm successfully removed and replaced the arbitrator and obtained a priority trial date for the action. The defendants filed 3 appeals and writs and a petition to the California Supreme Court, which were all denied.

Bosworth was awarded $2.4 million in damages, all his attorneys fees, and expert and litigation costs. The award was a joint and several judgment rendered against the builder for negligent construction and the lender for negligent disbursement.

The Castro firm achieved this result, from substitution date to the date of the award, in only 6 months. A critical piece of hi-tech evidence was a 15' long time-line prepared by the firm which tracked payments, change orders, stop notices, correction notices, and payments. This is yet another case where Castro & Associates received a published opinion.

Hasley Hills:

Hasley Hills involved a single family residential development of 739 homes and over 7,000,000 square feet of common area landscaping and natural slopes. Rainfall and water flow eroded slopes and went into homes and backyards. Water damaged pools, yards, homes and fencing. The soils from the landscaped and natural slopes sloughed and caused mud flow and water flow. The slopes, common areas, homes/backyards had to be redesigned and repaired to prevent future damage.

Extensive maintenance programs were established to clear our debris basins on an annual basis. Diversion walls were also included to divert water/mud flow away from homes and yards.

Castro & Associates reached a multimillion dollar settlement with the defendants.