Representation Of Each Individual Homeowner In Residential Developments

What happens when your dream home becomes a nightmare? All of the investment and work put toward building or buying a home feel lost. Homeowners have every right to believe their purchase will result in a safe and secure home for their family. When negligence in construction results in defects, you have rights.

While construction defect law is difficult and complex, our attorneys strongly believe in protecting the rights of homeowners. Castro & Associates, based in Los Angeles, is often referred defect claims in residential developments by other attorneys, former clients and other legal professional. We are known to tackle the most complicated cases — and come to a successful resolution that puts a homeowner's goals at the forefront.

In 2003, Castro & Associates represented plaintiffs in Bel Air Crest, a case that involved 52 defendants after homeowners sustained water intrusion and damage. It was a large case, with 63 experts retained, 83 depositions taken and more than 200,000 documents produced. The defendants filed four appeals — which were denied. In the end, the plaintiffs recovered about $13 million.

Pioneers In Construction Defect Litigation

Our firm has more than 40 years of experience in construction defect litigation in California. Our cases have involved single-family residences, tracts and developments. Problems have included defective design, mold, water intrusion and other issues related to soil failure, structural engineering and seismic failure.

Our Goal: To rapidly prepare your case and develop trial-ready evidence to move your case to a successful resolution in the most cost-effective manner. Our successful record of accomplishment shows that our lawyers move quickly and efficiently to meet your goals. We were among the first construction law firms on the West Coast to implement its own information systems department. We employ 3-D graphic technicians in-house who use the latest technology to bring these visuals to life to illustrate construction injuries and property damage.

Our no-nonsense approach has resulted in dramatic recoveries for our clients in record time. Most of our cases are referred by other attorneys, former clients and legal professionals.

"As the President of the Hasley Hills Homeowners Association during its litigation against the project's developer, KB Home, I wish to express our sincere thanks to you and your office for assisting our HOA in the resolution of very difficult budget, slope and drainage issues affecting our 739 - home project.
Your exceptional skill in handling of soils, slopes and HOA cases was coupled with your understanding of the case's strengths and weaknesses.
If at any time a potential client should ever wish to discuss their case with me or the quality of services you performed, please let me know as I will be happy to speak with them." -Roger Ludwig President Hasley Hills

We Believe It's Not Hard — Just Complicated

This is a phrase our founding attorney Joel Castro likes to say. It represents our firm well — we like to dig into complex cases, investigate and prepare for trial in complex, multiparty cases. We invite you to contact us for more information. Castro & Associates: (310) 966-6060.