Results From Contract Disputes

The firm represented the Port of Los Angeles in multi-million dollar delay and change order claims brought by prime contractor, Jensen & Reynolds.

The firm co-ordinated its litigation responsibilities with Port of LA City Attorneys, making division of labor and task responsibility recommendations to Ray Bender, Litigation Liaison for the City Attorney’s Office. A division of labor protocol was established to efficiently litigate the case without duplication of effort.

The firm was asked to design and implement a database similar to the Monterey Hills database, which had been instrumental in the successful multi-million dollar outcome of that case.

Because of numerous change orders, requests for information, and engineering modifications, several hundred thousand documents were generated.

To successfully defend the City, analysis and control of the numerous documents was essential. Mr. Castro designed and created both a computer database and a critical path time-line to properly evaluate the extra work performed by Jensen & Reynolds.

The firm was required to co-ordinate with the City Attorney to prepare and present regular status reports on litigation progress, scope of work, and costs to the Los Angeles City Council.

Utilizing these custom high tech tools, the firm was able to refute most of the contractors’ claims for additional compensation and the case was settled for a minimal sum before trial.