A History Of Winning Substantial Compensation For Serious Soils Failures

When landslides, unstable soil or other slope failures are improperly corrected or never addressed, the effects are devastating both emotionally and financially for owners who trusted that the structure was safe. While the complexities of these issues can be difficult for those outside the engineering, architectural and construction fields, the impact is quite clear. Attorney Joel Castro has made it his life's work to fight these problems in a way that is easily understandable for juries, resulting in positive changes for both his clients and the industry in general.

A Pioneer In Database Litigation

Castro & Associates is a law firm founded by Joel Castro and based in Los Angeles, California. The firm has experience in construction defect litigation that has spanned 40 years, with skills unmatched by most other firms. We are drawn to deeply complicated cases that other lawyers find too challenging.

After the longest land subsidence case in Los Angeles history Joel achieved a jury award of $21 million which was the largest construction recovery in Los Angeles county.

A look at some of our work involving catastrophic soil damage:

  • The sinking Monterey Hills condo development: A dream home near downtown Los Angeles became a nightmare for owners of condos in this development. The 200-unit structure was constructed on a defective 100-foot deep landfill.
  • Joel Castro successfully litigated what was the longest land subsidence jury trial in Los Angeles County history. The result was a $21.6 million award.

  • As one of the first lawyers to use a specifically designed computer program for defect law, Castro and his staff produced and managed more than 300,000 documents in this trial.

To read more about Castro & Associates's past trial experience, as well as mediation and arbitration, in slope failure and land subsidence, please see our other results in catastrophic soils failure cases.

We Believe It's Not Hard — Just Complicated

Castro & Associates has the resources, experience and know-how to fight highly complex cases involving catastrophic soil failure. We invite you to contact us for more information. We can be reached at (310) 966-6060 .