Joel Castro has published numerous Construction and Earthquake articles for the legal community.  He is a Contributing Editor for California Construction Law Reporter, and has presented several seminars for the California Association of Realtors, American Trial Lawyers Association, the Los Angeles County Bar Association, and CEB (Continuing Education of the Bar).  The firm’s commitment to hands-on development of California construction law includes annual construction law lectures for CEB and annual state and national construction publications.  Below are some of the articles published.

Aas v. Hicks: The Battle Begins
Published in 2002 CEB.

Arbitration in Wonderland - Why The Reticence of the Appellate Courts Encourages Gaming the System
Published in 2007 with the Construction Law Journal and Continuing Education of the Bar.

Case History of a Failure
Published in June 5, 2011 CEB. 

CMO Provision for Late Manifestation of Damage
CEB 2007 Construction Defect Litigation: Hot Topics 2007

Cosmetically Repaired Welded Steel Moment Frames: A Clear Risk of Disaster
Mr. Castro is a contributing editor for the renowned California Construction Law Reporter and published this landmark article in March 1997.

Evolving Liability for Design-Build Contracts: The Perfect Storm of Conflicting Interests

Published in 2009 edition of Continuing Education of the Bar and in the California Construction Law Reporter.

Has the Statute of Limitations Expired for Steel Moment Frame Structures
Published in the Daily Journal in 1998.

Heads We Win Tails You Lose: How "Cherry Picking" SB 800 Has Created The Perfect Storm For Unconscionability Litigation
Published in the California Construction Law Reporter and CEB.

Incorporation Doctrine as an Alternative Method of Establishing Property Damage for Tort Claims
Published in CEB 2005 Handbook.

"Initial Overview of California Construction Defect Law"
Published in CEB 2002 Construction Hot Topics Handbook

"Known Dangerous Condition" As Defective Construction PER SE?
Published in 2008 edition of Continuing Education of the Bar and in the American Association of Justice.

"Known Dangerous Condition" Liability for Soft-Story Buildings
Published in 2007 with Chicago American Trial Lawyers.

Primer on Aas, Before the California Supreme Court

Published in Continuing Education of the Bar 2000 edition.

Recovery for Defects Without Damages
Published in 2008 with the American Trial Lawyers Association.

Fiduciary Duty, Design Build
Published in CEB 2010 and Construction Law Reporter. 

Shaky Ground
Published in 1998 in the Los Angeles Daily Journal which evaluated the statute of limitations in earthquake cases.

The Calderon Act: Some Common Questions and Answers
Published in 1996 with the Los Angeles County Bar.

Welded Steel Moment Frame Defect Litigation
Published in the national Construction Litigation Reporter.

When Words Collide: Newly Manifested Property Damage Under Aas, vs. CMO and Statutory Discovery Cut-Offs and "Final Defect Lists"

Published in CEB.

2003: "Top 40 California Construction Cases"
(CEB 2003 Construction Hot Topics Handbook)

2003: "Top 50 California Construction Cases and SB 800"
(CEB 2003 Construction Hot Topics Handbook)

2004: "Top 60 California Construction Cases and SB 800"
(CEB 2004 Construction Hot Topics Handbook)

2005: "Top 60 California Construction Cases"
(CEB 2005 Construction Hot Topics Handbook)

2007: "Top 60 California Construction Cases"
(CEB 2007 Construction Hot Topics Handbook)

2008: "Top California Construction Cases"
(CEB 2008 Construction Hot Topics Handbook)

2011: "Top California Construction Cases"
(CEB 2011 Construction Hot Topics Handbook)